Daimon: The Prequel to Half-Blood (Covenant)

Daimon (Covenant, #0.5) - Jennifer L. Armentrout Alex the Daimon Slayer. Cue the theme. Not one or two, but four Daimons all lurking in the dark shadows. Only instead of Mr. Pointy, she weilds a shiny Titanium Spade left and right, Daimons go poof! Ashes to little blue dust. Fade to black. Can't you see it? So, who are you casting? (Ignore the nerd who's obviously channeling some Buffy hardcore, right now!) "SHE SMELLS LIKE MOTHBALLS AND DEATH." (Chapter 1 ;; pp 03) Holy banana's! Best.first.line.ever. Daimon: The Prequel to Half-Blood is action packed, delivers the perfect sarcastic witty punch that you're craving and doesn't stop giving it to you. It hits you hard and keeps on delivering, pitch perfect, fast-paced, pages turning until the last one and you're left wanting more. There is so much gripping tension within these few pages of the novella, that it reads like it's straight out of the actual novel itself, Half-Blood. It is fantastic and Daimon: The Prequel To Half-Blood possesses a uniqueness that most other novella's doesn't, which is definitely a breath of fresh air in the pool of most young adult paranormal novels. Armentrout's ability to world build, provide an interesting and unique set-up for the Covenant, while combining mythology seemingly flawless is amazing. I want to seriously drink up the mythology and the idea of the demigods, the pure-blood's and their ability to control elementals, half-blood's, and the aether high that Daimon's get from sucking pure blood's dry. It is all so very interesting and causes me to have many questions like, why are the Daimons seeking Alex out when she's only half-blood and less than a snack pack for them? This whole world and the mythology. I want to know more about the Hematoi, their history and heritage, and just everything about their world and who they are, what they are, where they came from, and how they came about. Everything. I want to know all of this and I want to know how the Covenant came to be and how it works, all the ins and outs of it. It definitely compels the reader to want to find out more, by turning the pages. This little novella sets it all up perfectly and gives you just enough to want more, without over-doing it. Daimon: The Prequel To Half-Blood is funny in all of the right places that it should be. Oh man, is it hilarious. A few of my favorite lines are: "Normal girls don't want their boobs mauled either," (Chapter 1 ;; pp 05) "Was your mom a gardner? Because a face like yours belongs planted on the ground." (Chapter 2 ;; pp 12) "I was so going to kick a Convent Instructor in the face if I ever made it back there alive." (Chapter 11 ;; pp 53) --> Side Note: Who's channeling Buffy now?! ;) It's hard to think of another word other than amazing, because this little novella is only a glimpse of what's to come and you know that's going to be even more epic. Alex is half-blood, she knows who she is, now she just needs to know the why they were running all those years. She's witty, intelligent, and exudes super-strength like crazy. It just oozes out of her and yet she's so very likable, too. It's extremely hard not to feel with Alex, when she experiences loss in such a profoundly violent way, and has no other option but to seek out the very thing that her mother was trying to protect her from when they fled from the Covenant three years prior. It now becomes a question of why, as overwhelming greif gives way to anger and anger bubbles into red flashes and red flashes flare into a violent rage that has her running scared. Can we talk about the imagery for a minute, because that's another thing that I loved about this novella. In my mind, I could almost see, hear, taste, touch, and feel everything that was happening. Man, does Armentrout really know how to bring a scene to life with just a mere turn of the phrase. I could seriously see Aiden stepping through the flames, unscathed and completely in tact. Oh yes, this is a hot mysterious Daimon Hunter that I'm already crushing on and he's only yet, been introduced in the sneek peek for Half-Blood. With the strength of ten men and forty Daimons, will Alex be able to choose between love or doing what she must do in order to survive? That's a good question, can't wait to find out in Half-Blood. Daimon: The Prequel To Half-Blood totally rocks the five stars that it deserves. I'd give it six, if I had a sixth to give. Fans of Richelle Mead, Kelley Armstrong, and even Kim Harrison will definitely love this novella. This is F-R-E-E guys! So, you don't have A-N-Y excuse, just read the damn thing OKAY!