Half-Blood: A Covenant Novel

Half-Blood - Jennifer L. Armentrout Half-Blood is a uniquely captivating world filled with wonderful mythology, demons, and angels, that will keep reader's engrossed until the last page is turned. Armentrout's creative world-building skills are impeccable, as she delivers a fantastic cast of characters, an intriguing plot, and amazing mythological history for the Half-Bloods and the Pures. This wonderful novel explodes onto the scene and delivers a powerfully intense action-packed punch, that compells reader's to delve deeper into the story and see what it has to offer. It introduces a society that is defined by how much aether is in the bloodstream, thus further defining what makes the some of the main character's half-blood's, while other's are pure. Half-blood's have no control over the actual elements, but they are faster and stronger than any normal mortal being and can actually see daimons, whereas pure-bloods cannot. They are given two options in life with neither one offering a bright shiny happy ending. Half-Blood's can either choose to become a guard or a Sentinel, risking their lives to serve and protect the pure-bloods from daimons or they can be taken into servitude and stripped of their free-will. The most important thing to remember, is that pure-bloods and half-bloods absolutely cannot mix. There is such an intricate way the mythology of this world is introduced to the reader and the compelling aspects it possesses. Armentrout has filled her book with such feircely dymanic character's that are incredibly likable, relatable, and possess so much character depth that the reader can't help but want to follow along on their journey. Alex, the main herione of the book, is pretty much a force to be reckoned with. While, she's not exactly one for the rules, she is still strong enough to deal with some pretty heavy things and still remain quite admirable, adventurous, out-going, and a bit snarky at times it's called for. She's also not one to really care what other's tend to think of her. It is incredibly wonderful to see how Armentrout has introduced such a strong young female character who's encrouaged enough to take control over her own life, and do so in such a way that she can be well respected for it. There is aboslutely not near enough of that in young adult literature today. It is amazing to see that Alex doesn't sit around on her thumbs waiting for what's going to come next, she just does what she has to do in the moment, and whatever happens next she tackles it head on with super strength and an extraordinary amount of courage. She just takes what life throws her way (however crappy it may be) and meets it head on, dealing with the fall out the best way she knows how given her circumstances. Armentrout has masterfully created such a wonderful cast of supporting character's that lend themselves so well to the story when they are needed and then fall back seemlessly into the background, when not. Half-Blood does a brilliant job at evoking many thoughts and questions, one of which stems around Seth, who is a bit of a mystery all his own. He is Apollyon, a half-blood who has the ability to control all four elements and so much more beyond that, which makes probably makes him my favorite character easily. He is simply, what daimons should be afraid of. Seth probably possesses the ability to help them the most, though he's been called back by the Sentinel. I happen to love the interaction between him and Alex the most, because of the way that he's able to get up underneath her skin. He is simply a character that, I as a reader, would love to get to know better. I feel like there is so much more potential invested in his story and so much more history surrounding the Apollyon in general. There is also quite a lovely blend of humor and mystery, written into the story keep the reader on their toes, that add lends a bit of unique flavor. The way, in which Armentrout, set this world up is not to be dismissed. Readers will love everything about this book, the seemingly flawless blend of mythology with action packed adventure, that will leave them rooting for the good guys to win. Fans of such books as The Vampire Academy and The Mortal Instruments series, will absolutely adore this novel. It's written in such a clever way that it leaves the reader demanding more of this fantastic world, the mythological backdrop, answers to questions that were raised, and the forbidden. This book will not disappoint.