Overbite (Insatiable)

Overbite  - Meg Cabot Overbite is a thrilling action packed, suspenseful, and enganging paranormal novel. It's filled with unraveling truths, loyalties that are tested over and over, and inner most feelings exposed as they slowly come to light. Meena, the heroine of this story, will be faced with dark and alluring temptations that she will have to battle with and overcome. Incredible twists and turns will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Cabot does a fantastic job of picking up where Insatiable left off. The characters are all very human and possess likable qualities about them, that would hook any reader who enjoys paranormal fiction. One of the most interesting facets about this novel, is how perfectly well Cabot illustrates that not everything in the world is as black and white as it may seem, in terms of love and what may appear to be evil. Not everything is as it may appear to be and Meena has a hard task, in trying to convince Alaric and other's that vampires can be redeemed and some of them are even capable of love. To a demon-hunter such as Alaric Wulf, who both knows and has witnessed otherwise, that task may prove to be futile. The character development for all of the major players such as Meena, Alaric Wulf, and Lucien Antonescu (son of Dracula interestingly enough) is brilliantly fleshed out and much more revealing in some situations and interesting in other aspects. Cabot's knowledge and history of vampires and the mythology surrounding Dracula was handled very well. She pens such an intriguing and cleverly written take on vampires and manages to blend a little bit of the history surrounding Palatine effortlessly. Overbite is chalked full of gritty violence, action packed danger, and steamy romance enough to get any paranormal fan's blood pumping. With juicy plots, fantastically developed characters, interesting spin on history and mythology, Overbite is sure to wow. In short, Cabot fans in general will fall in love with this fast paced, funny, and compelling novel.