He's So Not Worth It (He's So/She's So Trilogy (Quality))

He's So Not Worth It - Kieran Scott He's So Not Worth It is the second book in Kieran Scott's contemporary series She's So Dead To Us. I ended up starting this series sort of backwards, because I read an E-ARC of He's So Not Worth It that I mananged to snag from S&S Galley Grab last month before I realized it was the second book. I still read it anyway and really enjoyed it. It was the perfect light fun read that I needed. Even though I have still yet to read the first novel (which, I now own a copy of and will be reading at some point over the summer) I was able to follow along with the story and figure out who the character's where in relation to one another and whether or not they were friends, frenemies, or a couple. I enjoyed Annie and her field journals the most, I think. They had a very Veronica-esque (Mars that is) feeling to them, plus it was fun seeing her all super-sleuthing it up like she was studying the Cresties as if it was all some huge social project or something. To her, it probably was. Observe A in their natural habitat, but what happens to B when C slips them a little something something that's not so natural? Tune in next time...it was hilarious. Plus, she was just a really good friend to Ally, even though Ally said some pretty horrible things to her out on the beach that one night. Speaking of Ally, I was frustrated with her but I also sort of felt a small bit of sympathy for as well. I mean, I can understand acting out a little bit when you're dealing with the kind of crap that she's having to deal with and being publically humiliated like that by people who are supposed to be your friends, but to just spiral down like that and act like a bitca on an one or two occassions just isn't cool at all. Overall, though, in the end I'm kind of glad that she ended up with Jake even though I felt like that was a bit too happy ending-ish for me. I mean, it was a little too easy after the summer that they'd both had and I kind of wish that Jake would have just been like, look let's take it slow, build on our friendship, and then just go from there. But, I suppose I can be okay with it, since I was essentially rooting for the two of them the whole entire book and loved that he just sort of went on a break from his job, drove down to the shore, and like risked house arrest just for her. So, all in all, pretty fun book. Definitely read it, it gets four stars from me of course. Here's to hoping the first book is as good as the second.