Balthazar: An Evernight Novel

Balthazar - Claudia Gray Balthazar is a cleverly written, powerfully suspenseful paranormal spin-off of Claudia Gray's Evernight series, that readers are sure to enjoy. It is an intensely compelling and intriuging novel, with well established characters, wonderful development, and a unique writing style that makes Gray stand apart in her own way. It is chalked full of fast paced action and heart stopping danger, with a few of its own dark twists and turn that will have readers squirming in their seats. There is more than just the the main story arc that this novel has going for it, it's almost as if there is a merging of sorts happening as readers follow along with the story, that links what both Balthazar and Skye are dealing with together in direct relation to it. It elevates it in a sense and Gray does a beautiful job in creating the perfect balance. Balthazar is such a magnificently developed character and it was nice to get a glimpse of his past. What made it even more interesting, was how he wrestled with who he was and his past, as well. For as much as he is incredibly loyal, honest and caring, he is still just as beautifully torutred, dark, and filled with tumltuous angst. This gives him such amazing depth and edge, while giving readers pesonal insight into who he is by showing them what he's experienced and how he became the deeply conflicted and totured man he is now. There is so much electric chemistry popping and cracking between Balthazar and Skye that will leave readers breathless. The moments shared between the two are emotionally gripping and beautifully written. The almost kisses will be sure to leave readers pulses racing and have them giddy with anticipation. It is such a gratifying experience that they will want Balthazar to have his happy ending. There was such a refreshing quality about this story being told and Gray does not let readers down, by continuing to keep it this way by adding a fresh outlook on things from a human's perspective. Her characters are incredibly strong, filled with amazing tenacity, beautiful character flaws that make some of them more human than they may seem, and a whirlwind of intrigue. This book can be read as a stand alone quite easily and readers don't have to have read the Evernight series. It's filled with such a heightened dark and thrilling intensity that will have readers enthralled until they've turned the last page. The cliffhanger it ends with, will have them pining for the next book to follow. It is that wonderfully written and captivating.