Night Swim

Night Swim - Jessica Keener Night Swim is a fearlessly haunting portrait of a broken family, filled with deep thoughtful reckonings, heart-shattering greif, the uneasy feeling of spiraling out of control during a time of historical growth for a nation of chaos during the 1970's. It follows the story of a strong, passionate, and often times fierce young heroine who is made of steel, yet she is often filled with quiet vulnerabilities that has a way of drawing reader's in making them want to see inside her - see the quiet gentle soul of a young woman on the verge of something more. The nature and beauty that Keener put into this story, is enough to leave reader's breathless. Sarah is so much more than what any reader would expect in a main herione, she's chalk full of so much grit and spit-fire and determintation to survive and overcome any obstacle thrown in her path. Her triumphs and sorrows, do wonderfully well at providing reader's with such a lyrically beautiful insight into who she is and what makes her a survivor. There is a tenderness and a wondering sense of beauty that makes this novel stand apart from any, I've personally read in the last year. Night Swim isn't just another book to be packed away on a shelf somewhere or stowed away in a box to collect dust. This is a deeply rich and highly emotional story that is sure to upset the delicate balance in anyone's world. The fact that Sarah gains so much of her strength in who she is from the relationships she shares with her brothers, parents, and other individuals present in her life is enough to remind reader's that just because something appears one way it doesn't necessarily mean that's the way it is. This is a novel that is about keeping secrets, letting go, learning to live with the truth once it's out, and above all else: surviving insurmountable odds. One of the best things about this novel is the fact that Keener isn't afraid to tackle controversial topics and meets them head on, with strength and precision in her writing that's not only beautiful, but poetically lyrical in a sense. But above all else, this novel reminds me of something a really good friend of mine always says, "I have to believe that it will get better." Night Swim is the type of novel that will stay with reader's, leave them feeling in the wake of the aftermath, struggling just as much as to survive and find their independence as Sarah does, and will them thought provokingly emotional. This is a novel not to be missed out on. One, that I highly suggest you read at least once, if not more.