Witch Song

Witch Song - Amber Argyle Witch Song was a rich and compelling fairytale of magic and dark controling forces, that gives a unique twist to witchcraft and witches, in general. It was powerful and interesting. Argyle's ability to create a world in which the power of song is used to create magic, is not only masterful but brilliantly clever. In a world where Brusenna's kind are becoming more and more scarce and opposing darker forces seem to be growing stronger with the shifting of the seasons and the winds, Senna must somehow find the strength within herself to stop the Dark Witch from destroying the rest of her kind. No one else, not even her gaurdian Joshen, has the strength to do this. It lies only with her and she must summon every ounce of bravery that she has tucked away deep inside of her in order to defeat the Dark Witch and keep her from succeeding in destroying, the very essence of Witch Song. The attention to detail in the world building, the memorable character's, and in the genius behind the origins of the magical world, Argyle has managed to write the perfect debut that is sure to keep reader's on the edge of their seats. She seems to write with a hint of innocence attached, co-mingling with the perfect chemistry of drama, bravery, and adventure taking the reader's on an epic journey of heroism unlike any other. It is simply powerful when an author is able to write with this much conviction and heart, making it easy for her audience to connect with the story and the character's within. The beauty in Witch Song doesn't just lie in the bravery of Senna or the beautiful subtle romance depicted between Senna and Joshen, but in the simple words used to describe the world in which Argyle has penned so flawlessly. Her scenery takes on sort of a medevil feel to it, that possesses the ability to transport the reader back to another time and place, that almost seems a world away. This is exactly the type of novel that one would find themselves getting lost in and aching for more, once the last page has been turned.