Crossed - Ally Condie Crossed is a fantastically well written and fast-paced adventure that will keep reader's on the edge of their seats all the way through. There is so much that this novel has to offer and it gives the reader a whole new outlook on the Soceity itself. There are highly intense emotional moments throughout Crossed that will have reader's feeling with the character's. The qualities and depth this story and the character's possess is absolutely phenomenal and they are both written with such style and finesse that you're almost left with your jaw agape. So much more was tackled in Crossed than there was in Matched and it's done in such a magnifient way. It's not just a story about love and friendship, it's so much more than that. It's a story about hope, about fighting that great epic battle and believing in something so much that you would risk everything for it - including your life - however small or hard it may be. Both Ky and Xander will break your heart and make you love them so many times over and Cassia shows so much strength and heart and courage as she fights for everything she believes in throwing everything she has and is into it. Condie's use of classic poetry and her beautiful colorful imagery painted with words and flourishing descriptions are what make the story even more powerful and inspirational. There is struggle, triumph, fear, challenge, heartbreak, betrayals, and redemption all embrodiered into the story that follow along the many twists and turns making reader's want to see Ky and Cassia find one another and come out better for it having survived on the other side. As I've said, Crossed is a novel that packs a powerful emotional punch to the gut, that will leave reader's gasping for more. One of my favorite things about Crossed, is that it is incredibly character driven and Condie has a way of writing in depth and layers to her character's, that make them more than just a name you're reading on a page. They seem to come alive and leap off of the page at you and it feels as if you've known them your whole entire life or you're just getting to know them and deciding whether or not you like them. They are written in such a relatable and wonderful way, that it's hard not to develop a strong sense of fondness for them and to want to root for them to survive and succeed. The love triangle between Ky, Cassia, and Xander is handled in such a way that it was hard not to root for both couples at certain points of the story along the way. Their paths cross, yet also divides them at the same time, keeping them apart and forcing distance between them. As secrets are revealed, the past is discovered, and the future is contemplated things are changing all around them not just from the outside, but also from the inside as well. As they struggle to reconcide these feelings, they're faced with so many insecurities, hurts, and heartache that is so real, vivid, and palpable that you could almost feel it wafting off the pages. That's poweful, when an author is able to move you to tears and then make you smile through those same tears as well. Make no mistake, that Crossed is not just a story about love, but it's also a story about war as well. War that is actually being fought in a very real and literal sense and war within the character's themselves as they face incredible (sometimes almost unbareable) odds and struggle to overcome them. Reader's will root for them to overcome their fears and rise up with the strength to fight for their own future, whatever it may be with whomever they choose. Crossed is the ultimate symbol of courage, strength, and inspiration and Condie doesn't hesistate to deliver a stunning sequel in this wonderful series. I would most defintiely recommend this novel to anyone who is a fan of dystopian fiction.