Goddess Interrupted (Harlequin Teen)

Goddess Interrupted - Aimee Carter Goddess Interrupted is a deeply rich and wonderfully dark tale that is sure to captivate readers. Carter gives a beautiful nod to Greek mythology and pays extraordinary homage to Hades, Persephone, the King of the Titans, and the Underworld itself. It's wildly dark and dangerous, filled with heart-pounding twists and turns sure to keep readers on edge, while still possessing the tender vulnerability of love and longing. Carter's re-imaginings of the many Greek gods and goddesses are a bit unique and cleverly different than other's I've personally read, which makes the world she's building even more fantastical. She somehow manages to give it just enough modern edge to make it stand apart from most young adult books that incorporate Greek mythos into their novels. Kate is ever still the strong charismatic heroine that readers were introduced to in The Goddess Test, filled with such wonderful realistic flaws like her insecurities that often play up and a tendency for being a bit reckless. All of which make her incredibly relatable, yet she still finds herself a bit isolate in a way by the distance and secrets kept from her on Henry's part. Somehow, he just manages to keep her at arm’s length in such a way, that it feeds into her insecurities and she doubts whether or not he loves her and whether she made the wrong decision. Thankfully, none of that deters her when she makes the decision to do what she has to do, which is save Henry who is such a mysteriously intense presence in this story. Like Kate does, he comes along with his own underlying faults that he has to work through, as well. He has a habit of putting distance and space between the two of them and hiding things from her that she really should be privy to. Together, Kate and Henry share such a heart-wrenching deeply honest and beautiful relationship that will have readers aching for them. At times it is conflicting and filled with distance and secrets, doubts and insecurities, yet when they're really working on their flaws together they are incredibly sweet. It makes it hard for readers to not want them to work out their issues and end up together. The introduction of Persephone, which I was personally waiting for, was probably the most interesting aspect of this novel. It makes for an incredibly intense predicament, discovering that not only is she Kate's sister, but also Henry's ex. In a way, it seems as if it presents reader's with a bit more background into Henry's keeping Kate at arm’s length, and maybe a bit of a love triangle by adding a little more flavor and depth to the story. Goddess Interrupted is chalk full of so many twists and turns that readers will not want to put it down for fear they might miss something important. It's a fast-paced wildly gripping novel that will definitely hook anyone who enjoys Greek mythology and love stories involving dangerous peril and sacrifice. There is so much incredible danger and adventure tempered against heart-pounding love and overwhelming determination that makes this book such a thrilling and captivating read. Carter puts readers into the story along with all of the characters through brilliant imagery and wonderful storytelling abilities, and ultimately leaves them with an image they will not see coming. I would suggest this book to anyone who has enjoyed Meg Cabot's Abandon, Gwen Hayes Falling Under, or Brodi Ashton's Everneath.