Possession  - Elana Johnson "To control or be controlled." That seems to be the over-all theme of Johnson's debut novel, Possession. It's almost a game and to play it, Vi (the protagonist reader's are introduced to), has to make the choice to become like the Thinker's in a way to keep from being controlled by them herself. She finds herself living in this dystopian society of sorts, where it's essentially good vs bad, and the Thinker's are the one's holding all of the cards and making the decsions. The bad, well those are the free thinkers, the one's who refuse to be manipulated and controlled. Vi, is well on her way to becoming one of the Goodies who wishes to be controlled no longer. Possession is quite a captivating story told, at times, confusing for the reader to follow along with what Johnson is trying to convey. It is my personal opinion that the author gets a little too caught up in knowing what's happening all of the time in the story, that she sometimes forgets to include little tidbits that would be helpful to the reader in explaining things further. In theory, the premise is fantastic and the story is quite captivating and enough to keep the reader turning the pages. The draw back is the lack of history established in the novel, itself. There could have easily been a little more world-building included towards the beginning of the story, to help the reader better understand the motives of the character's and the society itself. Johnson does well in providing the reader with well written solid character's that are relatable, a well developed plot with a bit of a unique twist to it, and wonderful imagery. Possession is a fast-paced interesting read, that provides some twists and turns towards the end, that the reader will not be expecting. It can be quite surprising and suspensful.