Monstrous Beauty

Monstrous Beauty - Elizabeth Fama Monstrous Beauty is an intensely dark and seductive, richly compelling beautiful awe-inspiring mystical tale of fantasy. It is full of gorgeous heart-wrenching prose and stunning imagery. The world Fama creates is unlike any other and quite unique. It is just highly thought-provoking, gripping and filled with a tremendous amount of powerful emotion. It is just masterfully written and Fama does a wonderful job of drawing readers into an alluring tale full of mystery, deep hidden secrets, and a colorful cast of well established characters. The idea that love is an undiagnosed genetic defect that runs in Hester's family, is a plot premise that I've personally not read yet and a breath of fresh air. It is certainly one that is very thought-provoking and well thought out on Fama's part. There are so many dark twists and turns through out this entire novel, that readers will be unable to put it down. There's something strange and sad about the history regarding Hester's family and the blending of past and present, was handled beautifully. So many memorable characters graced the pages, but the ones that managed to stay with me personally were Hester, Syrenka and Ezra. It is incredibly heartbreaking that love as powerful as Syrenka's love for Ezra, would cause such horrific and deadly consequences. She was such an awe-inspiring and powerfully fierce character, that was so easily relatable and one can't help but feel inexplicably saddened at her predicament. She is not without her flaws, which is one of the things I grew to love about her. Syrenka is wild and animalstic and often acts on instinct rather than thinking before. To love so feircely and earnestly with everything she had, giving up as much as she gave up, and to only have it end in such tragedy is bound to strike a chord with any reader as they follow along with this story. There is so much going on with this novel, from dark hidden mysteries from the depths of the murky sea, to ghosts, mermaids, and family curses. Monstrous Beauty is so full of tragedy, mystery, intrigue, and heart-pounding sorrow and love. It is such an action-packed, dark, and boldly rich tale of love and heartbreak, betrayal and murder filled with cunning villains, a strong herione that inspires, and breath-taking romance. Readers will not be disappointed with the dark and alluring tale that Fama has woven together.