Everything We Ever Wanted: A Novel

Everything We Ever Wanted: A Novel - Sara Shepard In Sara Shepard's novel Everything We Ever Wanted there are varying shades of relatable characters that we, as reader's, are introduced to. This may make reading this book a bit uncomfortable at times, but it also helps to enlighten the reader as well. Shepard is a well-rounded seasoned author who has tackled many an issue in previous novels, such as her Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game series. She is quite versed in penning and seemlessly incoporating the mystery element into her novels, quite flawlessly. The way in which she writes her characters, is both natural and relatable. Some would argue, almost a bit too relatable but that's when you know an author is doing something right. When they possess the ability to take the their time in cultivating these characters and developing storyline's for them that cause the reader to self-reflect a bit and see shades of themselves in the characters presented. Everything We Ever Wanted may not be everything these character's thought it would be, nor what they necessarily hope for. There's a reason why we're told as children and adults, to be careful what we wish for because it might not be everything that we thought it would be. In other words, it might not be everything we want. Shepard manages to tackle the lack of communication in Sylvie's family, in such a way that's so real and honest, something that I personally think hits home more than anything and shows that sometimes when you do have everything, you find that you really don't. All of the monetary status in the world, isn't going to buy you a family that's built on honesty if you can't open up and talk to one another, and Shepard does a fantastic job of illustrating that in this novel. She goes gon to show the reader, that sometimes no matter how much a person tries, things just can't be fixed that easily with money or with words that contain hollow meaning after there's been such a lack of communication. Everything We Ever Wanted is a mature emotionally written novel, that is sure to leave the reader introspectively examining themselves and their personal or moral values long after turning the last page. The only quibble that I would personally have with the book, would be the pacing. At times, it seemed to move a bit slow. Other than that, it is a wonderfully written and well developed book that is worth any reader's time.