Dissolve (Volume 1)

Dissolve - Andrea Heltsley Dissolve weaves an intriguing web of dark magical danger and intense destruction that will have readers hanging onto the edge of their seats with anticipation. In a daring search for the truth, which proves more questions than answers, Cora's life is spun upside down as a result of a tragic event. Andrea Heltsley pens a wonderfully beguiling world full of magical fascination and fairytales with a twist of originality and mystery. It's a fast paced story brimming with wonderful story concepts, dark amazing twists and turns, and unexpected endings. The adventure is exhilarating and highly engaging, full of action and super powers used to save the lives of many. As much as I personally enjoyed this book, I still left a little unsettled with overlooking a couple of drawbacks that it possessed. The details could have been a little more in depth than explored and the direction of the story a little less confusing. While the characters were mostly likable, very relatable, and easy to connect with a few of them seemed to just fall flat and it made it hard to wrap my head around them and the story they're telling a little bit. As with any book, there is always going to be one or two things that just sort of seem off-putting a bit, but that doesn't mean that it's not worth reading. The concept of the story was definitely original as is the plot and the twists and turns were full of intense danger and filled with the appropriate amount of fear and desperation in a sense. Andrea Heltsley has written a very different and definitely appealing and refreshing novel that I would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys paranormal mystery and dark twisted fairytales. It held so much mystery and intrigue, enough to keep readers captivated as to who the real villian was and what was going to happen next. Those are marks of a great writer in general, being able to keep readers guessing and wondering what's to come.